Sunday, December 2, 2018

Oh What fun, The Christmas Parade!

Wow, last night was spectacular! It was my first Apex Christmas Parade with The Shoppe Gals. It was so much fun! I think that I just need to show you how wonderful it was!
We are piling into the cutest pink VW Bug ever!

Ready to head to the staging area for all of the parade goers. 
Yes, that is 5 of us squeezed into this cute little eye-lashed Bug. Haha!!

Shoppe Gal Katie grabbed a photo of all of the Santa beanies following us to our parade staging spot. 
Loved this sight!
We did our best to stay dry. Our wonderful shoppe Owner, Julie, was prepared as usual... gloves, rain ponchos, umbrellas, snacks and drinks. She is just so wonderful and we all appreciate her so much.

Selfie time with... Shoppe Gal Isabelle.

With Shoppe Gals Laura and Katie. Always fun with these two!

Shoppe Gal Kaitlyn

Shoppe Gal Sydney
Our sweet little vehicle all Christmas Parade ready and big smiles from Julie and Isabelle. 

Love those eyelashes!!

Even though it was raining, everyone was in great spirits. It was so great!

Don't you just love our monogrammed hats?!?! Make sure you ask one of us Shoppe Gals next time you are in The Doodling Bug for her phone number. She is amazing!

The monogrammed Santa hat crew. A great one at that!
I really am so happy that I get to spend my days with these ladies.

It takes a village and this was ours last night. Thank you everyone for making the night so fun!

Merry Christmas!

Santa finished the parade with his sweet smile.
That's a wrap! Thank you for joining me through our Christmas Parade photo brigade. If you would like to see more photos and videos you can find them on our Shoppe Gals Instagram and also our Facebook page. 

Please don't forget to share this blog with your friends and family. We also welcome comments and compliments. Have an amazing holiday season!

xo Shoppe Gal Kathleen.