Thursday, November 29, 2018

As November Comes To A Close

I tend to have a push and pull with myself during the month of November.  I am such an Autumn lover. The trees changing colors. The air finally losing some of its humidity and the cool crispness gracing us in that air. It's a season of change and beauty. It seems to come and go so quickly.

Working in The Doodling Bug during this month has been fantastic. Glitter pumpkins, Fall pillows, scarves, long sleeves and so much more. The excitement of the season brings so many fun things. Everyone wearing their favorite boots jackets and scarves and always checking in to see if we have some of their Fall favorites on the shoppe floor. Our ponchos, fleece leggings and super soft scarves seem to be big loves of our customers. 

I love the customers coming in and buying hostess gifts for their friends and relatives coming to town for Thanksgiving and visiting during the Fall break. I've met people from all over the world. Spain, Africa, Tennessee, Florida, Minnesota, Australia, Alaska and so many other wonderful places. A lot of them are frequent visitors and love our shoppe and Downtown Apex. How could you blame them? I know I love it too!

As we wind November down and prepare for Christmas, don't forget to get outside wearing your favorite cozy items purchased from your friendly Shoppe Gals. We would love to see some of your Fall photos from the sessions being taken this time of year. Showing off your favorite necklace or scarf. With all of the Fall colors in the background and the smiles on your faces. I would love to feature you in a blog post sometime. How fun would that be?! Just email me at... with a photo, or two and a little about you and your love of The Doodling Bug.

Enjoy the last few days of November and don't forget to stop by to say hello when you are in town, or just in the mood to do a little shopping at your favorite little boutique. 

xo Shoppe Gal Kathleen