Monday, December 17, 2018

The Shoppe Gals and You

Our Shoppe Gals are one of a kind and you, our customers, make our lives even more delightful. We like to think that in our small, but bright, eclectic, sparkly and decadently pink shoppe, is where the Shoppe Gals make magic just for you. 

We love to welcome you with a smile and a warm, "hey y'all" or "good afternoon, welcome".  We are always there to help you with your questions and to make friendly conversation. And, don't forget we love giving stickers out to your kiddos and treats to your canine pets.

Our Shoppe Gals are a tight-knit bunch that make a point to work hard together. Constantly adding new items to the shoppe floor for every persons taste. Rearranging walls. Making new signs to make you giggle and smile. Decorating for the seasons. Updating our, Glitter Bugs email list, so you always know what will be adoring the floor next. Sending out Instagram and Facebook social media story posts, to keep you up to date daily with our everyday happenings and excitement.

It is always good vibes everywhere, inside and out. Before you even step through our door, you'll see a bulletin board with complements and good thoughts.  You're awesome, you're beautiful, and you're a treasure. But sometimes we need reminders. So grab a happy thought, slip it in your wallet, or tape it to your mirror, because we don't want you to ever forget how fabulous you are.

Today and always, we will have a special bond with our customers. Our friends. It is because of you that our small shoppe thrives and that the Shoppe Gals love our jobs so much. We can't wait to see you again soon, whether you live close by, or fly in from time-to-time, please stop in as often as you can. :)

xo Shoppe Gal Kathleen.

P.S. I would love to hear from you, so please feel free to leave a comment here any time. Also, please feel free to share our blog. The more the merrier.  Have a great day!