Thursday, December 27, 2018

Holidays In The Shoppe

What an amazing holiday season it has been at The Doodling Bug. The Shoppe Gals all buzzing around putting glitter and shine all around the shoppe. Hauling Christmas trees out of our shed. Gathering all of our Christmas decorations to delight every taste.

Christmas is over, but we are still playing our fun Christmas music on the speaker. Everyone coming in is dancing and singing. It's so wonderful! We just don't want it to end.

Did you know that we offer 30% off on all of our Christmas related items in the shoppe starting the day after Christmas? Well, we do!! Even my favorite top is on discount. (I got lucky and my Husband surprised me with one for Christmas. Yay!) I think that we secretly do it, because we don't want to stop seeing all of your friendly faces during the holiday break. We want to see those smiles and your excitement when you come in and pick up the little things that you really wanted, but didn't buy for yourself for Christmas.

Happy Holidays to you, once again and we hope to see you in the shoppe this week!

xo Shoppe Gal Kathleen.