Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Happy Fall Y'All

Happy Fall y’all!! Shoppe Gal Kathleen here! I’m the newest Shoppe Gal at The Doodling Bug in Downtown Apex, North Carolina and I couldn’t be more excited!

October is here and the cooler weather, coloring leaves, boots and long cuddly sleeves are upon us here in North Carolina. It’s my favorite time of year! This time of year is most amazing when the Carolina blue sky really shows it color. On some days when the clouds are just floating by with that back splash of Carolina blue, it can just take your breathe away. Don't forget to stop and look up once in a while. Take it in, you won't be sorry.

I moved here one year ago this past August. Drove across the country 2800 miles from California with our family of seven. What an adventure! The anticipation coming to a new place was both exciting and terrifying. It's been so worth it. It’s been a quiet, but wonderful and productive year.

Our very first morning here in Apex, we went to the Downtown Apex Farmers Market. (Yes, I had already did my research and was so excited to be checking it out for the first time.) All seven of us went. We bought some goodies, met some super nice people too. Ms. Shirley and her amazing sweet potato pie, which now my youngest Son will never be able to do without. The fresh produce, eggs and seafood are just some of my favorites. That day we enjoyed our morning, gathered all of our goodies then headed home. It was exactly what I was hoping for.

Once you get to know me you will learn that I love small towns. Even more so, a great walkable downtown. Downtown's full of fun local goodness. Culture. The farmers market, free concerts in the park, festivals, small businesses, all of it! I love it!

Later that week, after dropping my youngest kiddo off at school,  I decided it was time to explore Downtown Apex. Most of the shops were closed since it was early in the morning,  but I took some great photos, which I have posted here for you to see. I felt happy to be here.

I walked down Salem Street peering into windows, admiring the sky, the buildings and taking in the sweetness of it all. One of the windows that I peeked into was of this cute little shop called, The Doodling Bug. I just couldn’t wait to get back there when it was open. I ended my morning at Common Grounds, making my first Downtown Apex friends. 

The rest is history. The Doodling Bug became my favorite go-to shop. It was the place that I purchased gifts for friends to send back to California and pretty clothes for myself. I would also send my Husband there anytime he felt the need to do a little shopping. Wink! Wink! It was a place to always find a smiling face and a warm hello. The Shoppe Gals were always there for a welcoming conversation, making me feel like I was making a new friend. That especially felt good with being a newcomer. How could I not want to go back!

I tend to find a favorite local shop to buy all of my favorite things in every place I've lived. The Doodling Bug is my favorite here in Apex. Hands down. And guess what? I now get to work here! How lucky am I!

I feel very fortunate to be able to get up and go to work for a business that I really enjoy. I am encouraged to get to know customers, which is something I love! I also get to create displays, work the floor, walk outside and wave to a passerby, write this blog and the list goes on and on. All of it, it makes me happy. I am thankful.

I hope that you will stop into the shoppe to see me from time-to-time. Follow us at @TheShoppeGals on Instagram and Facebook too. We are always up to something fun. Most importantly, we are always waiting to meet a new friend that walks through The Doodling Bug's door. I hope that next one will be you! :)