Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Llama crazy!!

I think my obsession with llamas first started in 8th grade when my family and I went to a llama farm, and from then on I've been llama crazy.

When I walked into the shoppe a few months or so ago and I saw the new llama earrings we had, I was so excited because its always fun seeing things you like at the place you work. Then I came into the store to work today and I saw the new llama bags we now have, and it made my whole day better.

How can you not get excited about this??? I had to dress up our whole llama area, so I decided to make a llama sign saying "Save the drama for your llama." Yes it's cheesy and yes I love it. But I think that's one of the best things about working here. You can make whatever type of crafts you want and make it how you want it to be, there's no rubric you have to follow. It's always a blast here:)

Shoppe Gal Sydney