Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Shoppe Gals in the Spring!

Happy first day of Spring!!! Mother Nature seems to have forgotten to switch gears this week around here, but some of us are super excited that Spring is finally here!

Spring is the time to get outside to all the festivals, farmers markets and pop-ups. The crafting community is amazing in Wake County.  Yes, you can follow artists on social media, but you never really get to know them. Start a conversation... you never know what you will learn! Why do they pick the colors they use? What inspires them? What makes them create? There is always music and great food.  Join the fun and play in the sun!

My favorite part about Spring is when the strawberry farms open. My boys love to see who can pick the most and best strawberries.

My favorite part about Spring is that the weather starts to get warm! I can finally start to tan at the pool and take road trips to the beach with my friends. Nothing beats a road trip with the windows rolled down and your hair blowing in the warm breeze while blasting music with your friends.

My favorite part about Spring is the transition from cold weather clothes to warm weather clothes. There are always cute outfits to come up with when it’s warmer out, and just being in the sun puts me in a better mood.

I don’t have a green thumb at all, but seeing all the plants start to bloom makes my soul dance. Ten years in NC still hasn’t gotten me used to looking out my window and seeing nothing but dry, gray, almost-dead limbs. It’s downright magical when color starts popping up everywhere!

So it's okay if Mother Nature got a little busy and Spring is a little late - we get it, we're busy ladies ourselves. The Shoppe Gals have no problem getting Spring going!