Saturday, February 10, 2018

Sure, I'll be your Galentine! What is that?

We hear it all the time, we see cute quotes about Feb. 13 being Galentine's day when you get with your girls - "It's like Lilith fair, but without the angst."  

We even sign up to get fairy hair at the best Galentine's Day party south of the Mason Dixon Line (that's our party on Feb. 13 from 3:30 until our feet hurt around 8 p.m. See how cleverly I did that?). 

But what is a Galentine?

A galentine is your go-to girl. She listens, she stands up for you even when you're being a fool, talks you down or pushes you when you need it, brings you sanity. She always has coffee or wine (if you're of age) and is ready to chat.

Simply put, a Galentine is a girl - friend, sister, mom, daughter, aunt, neighbor; near or far - who's there for you. No questions asked.

Here's a few ways you can tell (and see if you're a Galentine too):
  • She sends you a text right before the final you're super nervous about to tell you that you're going to rock it (because you will).
  • She picks up your kids without hesitation when you're running late to the bus stop because you got carried away chatting at The Doodling Bug (thanks, Laura!).
  • She'll text with you any hour of the night to get you through those exhausting months as a new mom and let you know you're not alone and does it again when your kids are tweens.
  • She PMs with you so you can get your snark out without embarrassing yourself on social media. 
  • Alternately, she tells you to go check out a post where the Michael Jackson eating popcorn meme is in the comments before it gets deleted by an admin.
  • She starts a meal train the second she finds out you're going through a crisis. Casseroles fix a whole lot, especially here in the South.
  • After surviving the crisis and the casseroles, she becomes your workout buddy, because we all need that. That 6 a.m. spin class is always fun if your Galentine's there, right?

Are you a Galentine? Do you have a Galentine? Who's that girl who has your back and gives you that extra bit of strength to navigate life? 

Bring your Galentines and celebrate each other to The Doodling Bug for our Galentine's Day Party! The ladies from Fairy Hair Flare will be here and the whole store is 20% off.