Sunday, October 14, 2018

Our Wonderful Curious Customers

I was reflecting on working in the shoppe this past week. One of my favorite things to do is observe our customers.

After I greet them as they walk though the door, I tend to just take notice of their actions. As they walk in, they seem to start their exploring mostly to the right of the shoppe. Examining what is closest to the entrance way.

As they walk a little further into the shoppe, they touch each item that catches their interest. Picking it up and examining it. Look at it closely, smile and go on to the next.

Most of the customers put out their hand to run it across the buttery fabrics. Wrap the soft scarves around themselves. Poke and caress the soft pillows. Pick up and smell the candles, which always ends with a look of content in their eyes and a hint of a smile on their quiet faces.

They pick up the earrings and hold them up to their ears to glance into the mirror and even try them on from time-to-time. Run their fingertips over the shiny soft Pearl necklaces. Lean down to get close for a clear view to the display of earrings and go through each one to see which catches their eyes the most. Try on the bracelets and watch them sparkle in the light and hold out their hands with a smile on their face as they try on a ring they like that day.

It's fun to watch our customers giggle to themselves, or with a friend, over the funny sayings on our t-shirts, wood box signs and chalk boards. Ask each other if they like this pair of earrings and... Oh look at this!

Each customer is a little bit different with their way of exploring The Doodling Bug. Each one as interesting and as wonderful as the last.  It puts a smile on my face when I see how much enjoyment they get after walking though that door.

I'm blithe to be part of the happiness the shoppe brings to our wonderful customers. I feel lucky to be on the receiving end of the smiles and excitement. I appreciate that little something the shoppe gives to each and everyone that walks through the door. :)

Have a wonderful day!
Shoppe Gal Kathleen. xo