Friday, March 24, 2017

ROYGBIV Is there any other way to organize Vinyl?

Hi y'all! Shoppe Gal Michelle here with some OCD organizational goodness! Julie sent me a text saying "I have stuff from IKEA in the back and I need you to set them up hold all of the rolls of vinyl." Well my little OCD heart skipped a beat with the thought of ORGANIZATION! Then she sent the picture of what she wanted from where else, but PINTEREST!!! *SWOON* Please tell me I'm not the only one that gets excited about this sort of thing!?

I went to work assembling the Ikea® VARIERA white bag holder (um are these things seriously only $1.99)!? After assembly, I went to the dreaded Vinyl drawer to get a handle on what I was really dealing with...

Y'all this was drawer 1 of 3!! SCARY!!!

Ok, on to hanging the Bag Holders Vinyl Holders. We started with just the adhesive backing but TONS of Vinyl is heavy, and we are in an OLD BUILDING with crappy walls (don't judge!). So, we did have to go back and add some heavy duty Command® Hooks to the hook hanging holes at the top. 

After letting the adhesive acclimate for a few hours I put the vinyl in their new happy hole homes! Of course there was no better way then to use good ole' ROY-G-BIV when deciding on an order to place them. I love how this turned out! 

We all love that we can easily see and grab the vinyl colors we need for store projects and items and the fact that we have 3 drawers to SHOVE other things in! I'd love to hear about any of your CHEAP organizational hacks!